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Product Overviews :

SINGCHEER’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is especially developed for the wire and cable industry, oriented to the executive leadership of the cable manufacturing workshop. The system not only provides the enterprises with production management, equipment management, quality management, technical management, performance management, material management, kanban system, statistical analysis and other modules, but also takes into account the features of production in wire and cable industry and meet the actual situation of the production operations of cable makers, based on SINGCHEER's full understanding of the cable production and process。

Technical Specification :

SINGCHEER has a powerful equipment automation capability, which can integrates the MES system into production equipment, collects the whole process data of the production process, and makes it visualized. MES also eliminates the information isolated islands within the enterprise through seamless docking and information transmission with ERP and SCM software, allowing data to flow inside the enterprise, enabling data to drive production and operations, and achieve the informationization, intelligence and wisdom of production process management.

Dedicated to cable machine industry for more 20 years, Singcheer has the extensive experience in automation equipment manufacturing and has a good understanding of the production process in the wire and cable industry. Facing the wave of the 4th industrial revolution, Singcheer is committed to being a solution supplier of smart factory in wire and cable industry. In 2019, we formed a R&D team in Shanghai, Chengdu and Dongtai to create a manufacturing execution system (SiMES), which will be the carrier to integrate central feeding system, AGV and tridimensional warehouse to provide the customers with a complete smart factory solutions and create maximum values for them, and become the promoter in wire and cable industry.