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CQZ350 Double Coiler Take-up

Product Overviews :

Singcheer coiler package solution meets JIT standard, lean production requirement. Especially suitable for the small batch and long distance transport package requirement of automotive wire and electronic cable.

Technical Specification :

The Singcheer designed double coiler take-up with pulling and dancing wheel device itself. The take up reel is put on one rotation platform, shift by rotating the platform without stop or reduce the line speed.

All the action like wire inlet, wire press, meter counter, wire layout, wire take-up, wire cut, reel change, full reel transport and empty reel transport are controlled by the PLC system. And may add auto strapping machine according to the automation requirements.

Main parameter:

●    Suitable conductor: 0.22mm2-6.0mm2
●    Suitable wire dia.: Ф1.0mm-Ф5.0mm , round cable
●    Coil size: OD350*ID200*H100mm
●    Tension range: 8N-80N
●    Length counting accuracy: +/-3‰
●    Speed: Max 1200m/min