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School-Enterprise Cooperation


Recently, the Institute of Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, deputy party secretary Zhao came to the same line singcheer (new technology machinery), the students practice, employment and entrepreneurship, school-enterprise cooperation to carry out comprehensive discussion, signed a build students' employment and entrepreneurship training base Award.

singcheer (new technology machinery) provides internship college students technical training and guidance, college students through school learning theoretical knowledge with the actual combination of the accumulation of their own work experience, but also for singcheer into a better quality of fresh blood.

SINGCHEER (new technology machinery) is a technology-oriented mature business nearly two decades, but also a young and dynamic team, employees 8090 ages of more than 80 percent of college education staff reached more than 60%.

SINGCHEER (new technology machinery) welcome talents to join, on the mechanical aspects of talent who can hobby apply our technical department according to their interests, job research and development or site and the customer's plant commissioning of equipment, workers may apply for an electrical engineer jobs or sales positions.

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