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Cost-effective solutions for automotive cable manufacturers


SINGCHEER, the leading extrusion solution supplier from China, dedicated in automotive cable industry for many years. Benefited from the fast growth of automotive industry in China during the past decade, we has offered more than 100 high speed extrusion lines to the local automotive cable manufacturers and has gained more than 75% market share.

Singcheer machines almost cover all the processes of automotive cable manufacturing such as single core wire, ABS, telecom cables, cables for EV cars, charging pile and packaging system. Due to the deep cooperation with the top automotive cable suppliers, we have some know how to process the special compounds to meet customers’ strict demands on the quality and efficiency.

The solution with the features of High speed, High efficiency and High automation is the trend for automotive cable industry. Singcheer follows this principle and developed extrusion lines with the features above. The orders of small batch, multi color identification, and short lead time will perplex the cable suppliers. The 65/35/35 extrusion line with QCC + SPS spooler will help you to solve the problem. The machine will complete Quick color change, bobbin change over automatically at full speed of 1500m/min for one product as per the pre-setup sequence. The production of 1300km/per day is also very attractive figure for the automotive cable manufacturers.

Not only the extrusion technology and solution, we can also offer various packaging system to our customers,

    SPS spooler for conical spool 400/400-250-150-100 (1500m/min)
    Dual coiling machine for ring coil (1200m/min)
    630/800 semi auto dual spooler (1000m/min, with capstan)

Now the conical spool and ring coil have become the main packaging solutions for automotive cable industry, Singcheer’s SPS spooler and dual coiling machine will be the good choice for our customers due to the high performance and competitive price.

All of these machines above can be easily to be integrated with any existing lines and will meet all the customers’ and harness makers’ demands.

Singcheer is striving to expand his business activities in overseas market and become an international cable machine suppler. We have sold the machines to America, Middle East, and India markets which will be highlight for automotive industry in the future.

The latest and successful project in overseas market is a 65/35/35 line with QCC + SPS spooler for a Turkish customer, which was finished in 2015. Please check the link for a quick view of the machine.

The EV car and Autopilot will change our life and bring us more opportunities in automotive cable industry. As the important player in this field, we are expecting the new challenge and prosperity in the near future.

<SINGCHEER received the honour awarded by Jiangsu machinery industry

>Packaging system-Brand and Technology From Italy

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