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Perfect ending_The 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition


Perfect ending
The 10th China Wire & Cable Industry Exhibition was successfully concluded in September 1, 2017. Customers at home and abroad appreciate high speed rewinding line for coiling and boxing exhibited by Singcheer, speed up to 4 cartons/100m/min.

Machines exhibited by Singcheer
Machine:high speed rewinding line for coiling and boxing
Consist of:1250 Dual Flyer Pay-off+260 Auto Coiler+ Automatic packaging machine with carton box + Manipulator
Application: For BV cable, 1.5-6m㎡, 4 cartons*100m/min

Advantage of packing in carton box
1、Easy to open, no knot,convenient operation,open-use,pleasing to the eye
2、Traditional packaging methods with plastic cannot be recycled, however, carton box can be reused, which is better environmental protection.
3、Orderly palletizing, Easy transportation,Space saving.
4、Carton box can be customized with company information, saving advertising cost.

The future of packing in carton box
The developed countries have a strong awareness of environmental protection, and many cable makers chose the package with carton box. In the same time, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in developing countries, more and more companies will use carton box to pack. Grasp the opportunity and capture the market in advance.

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