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Value of production and marketing over 100 million!


In the past 11 months, we achieved remarkable result, value of production and marketing over 100 million, with the unremitting efforts of all Singcheer members, which created a new record in the history of Sincheer.

SINGCHEER always adheres to the principle of keeping honesty and striving for excellence. High quality products and professional services to get support and recognition from more customers.

Production management system
CRM system(Customer Relationship Management) introduced in 2004.
ERP system(Enterprise Resource Planning) introduced in 2005.
UKAC ISO9000 certification achieved in 2008.
PPM project management for order system introduced in 2009.
Obtaining national high and new technology enterprise certification in 2015
High-tech enterprise, 28 patents achieved. 5 invention patents and 23 utility models.

Perfect process management makes every production process orderly.
Singcheer is striving for technology innovation to develop more cost effective products, and every new product developed by our professional R&D team is praised by our customers, continuing to create greater value for customers.

SINGCHEER has been committed to the research in cable extrusion and packaging for a long time. We set up long-term and friendly cooperation with many well-known cable companies at home and abroad. Our products are renowned for its high speed, efficiency, automation and humanization.

Auotomotive wire solution consists of high speed insulation line for single core wire, ABS cable extrusion line, battery wire extrusion line and physical foaming insulation line.
Building wire solution consists of high speed insulation line with quick color change system and tandem extrusion line for THHN wire.
Singcheer also provide New energy cable solution, elevator cable solution, power cable solution, aerospace cable solution, high speed electronic wire solution and rubber cable solution.

Ⅱ、Products(Extruder and accessories):
Extruder, Pay-off and take-up, Capstan, Accumulator, SPS, Control system

Ⅲ、Packing system:
1、Automatic packing system for BV wire
Coil packing line with diametric film, Automatic coiling and wrapping line, coiling and boxing line, Automatic spooler and Automatic palletzing line
2、Packing system for electronic wire
Spooling, coiling, strapping etc.
3、Packing system for automotive wire
SPS, coiling etc.

Our professional team is in charge of Extruder, dosing unit and printer for cable machine.

At the same time, we also provide customers with pre sales technical consultation, project planning and perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

<SPS - Singcheer Package System for Automotive cable & Electric cable

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