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EXQ120/50 Extrusion Line for Battery Cable

Product Overviews :

New energy vehicles are the inevitable trend of the development of automotive industry, the development of electric vehicles is in line with the direction of technology development in the future, new energy vehicles motor cable has a bright prospect. 

Singcheer’s high speed insulation extrusion line is applied to the extrusion of motor cable and battery cable. Singcheer’s extrusion system is applicable for copper and aluminum cable as well for automotive lightweight.

Technical Specification :

It is applicable for the insulation of PVC, XLPE, LSNH. The specification of wire and cable is 10-120mm² 
, such as battery wire, BV, RV, RVV. Industrial computer control system with the function of quality monitoring, storage and quality failure printing.

Main Parameters:

    Conductor: 10-120mm² 
    Diameter over insulation: Ф5mm—Ф25mm 
    Concentricity: >=92% 
    120mm machine: 550kg/h(soft PVC) 
    50mm machine: 120kg/h(soft PVC) 
    Speed: 300m/min(max)
    Length of line: <50m

3.0 IPC control system is controlled by Advantech IPC +300PLC, distributed IO structures, all drives and testing instruments with PROFIBUS bus communication, digital control technology, simple, flexible and reliable. Software uses WINCC programming, user-friendly operation interface with control precision.