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HS building wire line with QCC


Although a new year, 2017, has come, declining factory profits was caused by increase in production costs and price competition between terminal markets. Market competition among manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. Competition is nothing but quality competition, speed competition, cost competition and quantity competition. At this point, the only way for manufacturers to come out on top from fierce competition is to introduce the equipment which are more stable, high speed and high efficiency.

Annual output value over 400 million

The production line is consist of 100/50/50 machine, with 2.5mm²cable, and the line speed is up to 1000m/min, which means daily output is around 1000km(800m/min*60min*20h960km), annual output value over 400 million, but equipment investment costs less than 1% of annual output value. Less investment and high capacity helps manufacturers gain a greater competitive edge and more profits.

Zero waste"

Advanced quick color change system and IPC3.0 control system applied to machines for automotive wire is applied to the process of building wire production as well to realize the automatic production, the orders were preset. Moreover, the color(green, red, blue, yellow and black) can be continuously switched without machine halt and deceleration 

Stable and efficient

Using a full set of German SIKORA testing instruments, modular design electrical system and PROFINET communication, products problems and machine failures will be displayed in the monitoring interface directly, to ensure stable and efficient production and high quality products.

The first line has been supplied to Shangshang Cable in Jiangsu. Please contact us if you need more details for it or other products information.

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