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Advance into the US market-Tandem Extrusion Line for THHN wire


With the development and progress of city, the traditional PVC wire is difficult to meet the needs of high-end market, especially for large buildings. In such a situation, nylon sheathed insulated wire is strongly required to be used(GB FVN). This type of nylon sheath wire (THHN\THWN\TFFN American Standard) shares more than 95% capacity of market in Europe, America, Canada and Middle East. Compared with the common PVC wire, the nylon sheathed insulated wire has the better electrical property, physical property and broad development prospect.

Our first PVC nylon sheath tandem extrusion line(90/35+65) researched and developed by Singcheer finished commissioning acceptance successfully. This production line is specially made for Prysmian who is a famous cable manufacture enterprise in the world. The line is mainly used in the high speed extrusion of PVC nylon sheath cable(8AWG~18AWG). The line speed of cable 14AWG(2.08mm2) can be up to 1000m/min.

In traditional process, two extrusions for PVC and Nylon separately, the appearance of sheath is not good, and the surface of sheath is easy to wrinkle, which caused fuzzy printing and low capacity. The disassembly and cleaning for double layer crosshead is not easy because of its complex structure. The pressure on the conductor is larger, the conductor is easy to go back and broken.

SIGCHEER’S tandem extrusion line can improve production efficiency and capacity greatly. Special cooling and vacuum process of PVC layer makes inner layer tight adhesion with outer to achieve high-quality appearance of cable. View video.

Singcheer is dedicated to the development of new technology, guided by the demand of market. To provide high quality products and service to customers worldwide and create maximum value for them by improving quality and efficiency.

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