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Self-owned brand development


Strength of self-owned brand  
Compared with last year’s exhibition in Beijing, there are a lot of Key strategic models, even global strategic models provided by self-owned brand in Auto Shanghai 2017.

Some leading companies with self-owned brand, whose booth area is over 1000m2, more than 30 types in exhibition, beyond many world-class brand. There is no doubt that Self-owned brand was the most attractive in exhibition.
There is a great progress in product development, different from plagiarism in the past few years. More and more independent development instead of relying on the overseas support. These automobiles in new types indicate that China self-owned brand will enter high-end market from bargain market. Brand image remodeling to let more and more consumers begin to accept products with China-brand.

Automobile Sales trend in China
Over 28 million vehicles sold in 2016, 13.8% increase. Expected to exceed 33 million sales volume in 2020.

Rapid development of automobile with China-brand
In 2016, it was the first time for vehicles with China-brand to be sold more than ten million, an increase of 20.50%, shared 43.19% of total vehicles sales, increased  2 percentage points of market share.
It is expected that in the next 3-5 years, sales of vehicles with China-brand will be increased to 60%.

More demand for automotive market
Currently, the market of automotive wire for imported and joint venture vehicles matured, such as LEONI, Draka, Delphi, Coroplast, Acome, SUMITOMO, YAZAKI, Force and KBE.
However, large number of enterprises with small scale, messy products and uneven quality occurred in the market of automotive wire with self-owned brand. With the high demand for domestically produced cars and market share gradually expanded, this field is getting the attention of the capital market. Meeting new chance and facing new challenge, more excellent companies will occur and become the professional brand like LEONI, Delphi and Yazaki.
It is expected that in the next 3-5 years there will be about 25 billion in automotive wire market, which are self-owned brands, the existing manufacturers of automotive wire can not be ignored.
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