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Packaging innovation for building wire-4 coils/min


Technology and knowhow from Italy

EFAF (Engineering Future Automazione Flessibile as EFAF full name), founded in 1989 in the town of Lucca in Tuscany region of central Italy. EFAF successfully supplied automatic packaging machines for cables to the world-famous cable maker, such as Prysmian, Nexans, NKT, Telefonika, UCIC, LaFarga LaCambra.

Acquired EFAF trademarks and proprietary technology in April 2016. Singcheer is dedicated to provide reliable and high cost-effective packaging solutions for the global wire and cable industry based on manufacturing cost advantage in China.

Coil Packing Line with Diametric Film Package

After 6 months study and optimization, the first Coil Packing Line with Diametric Film Package manufactured in October 2016 and supplied to Shangshang Cable group.

The line consists of 1250 pay-off, EFAF high speed coiler, binding machine and thermal shrinking group. 1 minute 4 coils(100m/coil), up to 500km daily(400m/min*60min*20h=480km).

260coiling technical specification for BV cable

For coiling machine, it can be up to 3000r/min. To ensure the stability when running in high speed, we choose Siemens motion controller and rack and pinion for traverse, which not only make sure the stability in high speed but also the good traverse.

Eg: conductor 1.5mm2  diameter 3.0mm
Length: 100m   coiler ID: 150cm  coiler OD: 240mm  height: 38cm  weight: 2.0kg

More efficient production line solution

For 2.5mm2, the speed of Quick color change extrusion line can be up to 1000m/min. If the line with 2 set high speed coiling rewinding line, nearly 1000km daily capa, annual output value more than 400 million(960km*300day*1.5yuan/m=432 million). However, the cost for machine investment less than 1% of annual output. manufacturers will benefit from low investment and high efficiency.


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