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Test of extruder for HFFR by Singcheer


Characteristics and scope of application of HFFR cable

More and more manufacturers choose HFFR material as the insulation sheath of wire and cable with the increasing demand for environmental protection. It is widely used in nuclear power stations, subway stations, telephone exchanges and computer control centers, high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military facilities, oil platforms, etc., because of its excellent flame retardant, less smoke when burning and noncorrosive gas produced.

Extrusion machine for HFFR cable by Singcheer

As a professional cable machine manufacturer, Singcheer improves the line efficiency, at the same time, focuses on developing the environmentally-friendly products. 100/50 line for HFFR by Singcheer, which speed up to 500m/min2.5m㎡). The HFFR screw and extrusion crosshead of SIngcheer’s extrusion machine are specially designed. To know the related details of SIngcheer’s extrusion machine for HFFR cable, we will cooperate with Yazaki and engineer from polyone to test the machine accordingly.

Testing procedure

Drying the material through drying hopper, extruded by the specially designed screw, then S7 crosshead. Engineer test the extrudate, temperature and noise by changing the speed of screw. Observing the surface and foaming phenomenon after material cooled.

Testing result

65 extruder for HFFR 5924C, speed 50 r/min, Current 68.9A, average extrudate per hour 85kg, Melt temperature 212 degrees , noise 82d, smooth surface after cooling. The test result was unanimously approved by Yazaki and the engineer from Polyone. 

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