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A Hot Topic - New energy vehicles


With the attention of the world energy crisis and environmental protection, the middle manufacturing industry and the automotive industry are facing new challenges. Under this background, the new energy vehicles is becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry in twenty-first Century, the government has also introduced a variety of incentives, such as free purchase tax for new energy vehicles purchased after January 1, 2018.

With the promotion of new energy vehicle sales, a larger market for the new energy cable. The new energy cable can be divided into two categories: vehicle charging pile cable and new energy  interior cable (To connect charging port and battery, battery interior, battery and engine).

Insulation and sheath solution for new energy cables and battery cables can be provided by Singcheer. In 2017, Singcheer supplied two 90 extrusion lines for new energy cable extrusion to Hengtong group and finished commissioning successfully.

The production line is specially for the manufacture of new energy cable, mainly used for the extrusion of insulation and sheath line in 10mm2-20mm2. The highest speed is up to 150m/min, Cantilever take-up and pay-off makes the operation more convenient.

SINGCHEER, as the leader of new technology in China, focuses on market demand and quality improvement to provides the high quality products and services for customers at home and abroad, so as to create maximum value for customers.

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