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Extrusion Line for XLPE Automotive Wire


Throughout 2017, the sales of vehicle in China keeps a growing trend and sales volume has kept top one for 9 years. Until now, there is still room for car ownership per capital in China (0.15 vehicles per person) compared with the United States (0.79 vehicles per person). The demand for extrusion production line for XLPE automotive wire is increasing day by day because of people’s increased demand for the quality of vehicle.

Automatic production with high speed and high efficiency


65+350.35mm²-6mm²Max speed:800m/min

80+506mm²--50mm² Max speed:300m/min

120+6525mm²--120mm²Max speed:150m/min

Multifarious take-up

Spool: φ500-φ1250

Stable and precision control system

Every key process of the machine is monitored by IP3.0 control system to ensure the production quality and machine stability.

At present, this production line has been recognized by many customers in China. Moreover, it has been successfully exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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