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Singcheer’s Tour in Sanya for His 20th Anniversary


Since August 1998, Singcheer has experienced 20 years growth, and now our product scope includes solutions for automotive, building, new energy, elevator, power supply, aircraft, and rubber wires and cables. Thereinto, the automotive cable solutions have more than 80% of local market share. Singcheer solutions are renowned for the features of high speed, high efficiency and high automation in the wire and cable industry.

Thanks to our customers’ favour and all the staff’s hard work, Singcheer’s turnover in 2018 will break through 100 million RMB again. To celebrate the great achievement and Singcheer’s 20th anniversary, all the Singcheer staff and his/her family just enjoyed 5 days relaxation tour in Sanya, the southernmost city in China.

Sanya is famous for its sunshine, beach and clear seawater, during the past days everybody enjoyed them and relaxed well from the busy work. By this tour, all the staff’s teamwork spirit, cooperation and cohesion power were enhanced. They will be full of passion and play more individual self-motivation at the future’s work.


>Extrusion Line for XLPE Automotive Wire

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