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Packaging solutions for Building wire


Building wire industry

The construction industry has become one of the mainstay industries in China, which brings a huge market space for the cable used in construction.The intelligentized demand of the residence and also the construction of all sorts of professional network, bring great market demand to wire and cable, It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, the output value that the building wires will account for 15% or so in the wire and cable industry.

Circumference sealing package solution

The traditional building wires are wrapped in PVC film, which is inefficient, not friendly to the environment, and inconvenient to disassemble in use.A new Thermo-Shrinking Packaging is being widely adopted by customers both in China and oversea. Singcheer's thermo-Shrinking Packaging solution combines the features of wrapped film and thermal shrink packaging with the packaging technology of Italy's EFAF, revolutionizing the packaging industry for building wires.

Advantages of thermo-Shringing packaging

•  It breaks through the bottleneck of low production efficiency of traditional packaging, and can up to 4 rolls / minute.
•  PEshrink film of thermo-shrinking packaging is environment-friendly and convenient for user installation and construction.
•  After thermo-shrinking packaging, products can be stacked on pallets and wrapped automatically according to customer requirements, to achieve fully automatic packaging production process.

EFAF260 Full-automatic packaging line

Singcheer's EFAF260 full-automatic packaging line is designed for the domestic market of 1.5~6mm² building wires with maximum production efficiency of 4 coils/min (100 m/ coil). Fully automated design allows one operator to easily operate 3~4 production lines with a daily production capacity of 2,000 km (20,000 coils/person). It saves a lot of labor costs to compare with the traditional packaging. To meet the requirements of different customers the production line is equipped with strapping machine, labeling machine, manipulator, etc.

EFAF260 Main composition

•  1000/1250 Motorized pay off +horizontal accumulator(or flyer pay off)
•  EFAF 260 coiler
•  strapping machine
•  labeling machine
•  circumference thermal shrink packaging
•  automatic palletizing machine(pallet stacker) 

About EFAF

EFAF,founded in 1989 in Italy.SINGCHEER acquired EFAF trademarks and proprietary technology in Aprial 2016.As a leader in automatic coil and winding in the power, construction, energy and communication cable industries, EFAF has become the supplier of major cable companies in the world such as Prysmian、Nexans、NKT etc.

Our Advantage

Based on advanced technology of EFAF in Italy, Singcheer integrates modern electronic control technology to achieve seamless connection and integration to all the parts of the production line.The production line control system has set up to 401 alarm points, which can fully monitor the production process to ensure safe, reliable and efficient production.

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