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SINGCHEER Sales in 2020 Hit a Record New High.


The global economy suffered from COVID-19 pandemic impact in 2020, which caused the economic recession to many countries.  Only China’s economy bucked the trend.  According to latest data from the State Statistic Bureau launched on January 18. 2021, China's GDP in 2020 exceeded 100 trillion RMB for the first time,  growth of 2.3% over the previous year. With the rapid growth of China economy, SINGCHEER sales in 2020 hit a record new high.

Domestic market

Boosted by the domestic real estate, new energy, automobile, intelligent equipment markets,  the demands for building, PV, wind, EV and industrial cables rise steeply. Singcheer’s high speed, high efficiency and high automation solutions are well accepted by the customers, which brings us a continuous order flow, accelerates the development of wire and cable industry and helps our customers increase the production capacity and promote the manufacturing level.  

International market

The covid-19 pandemic blocked the international trip, in 2020 we have no visitors for business deal.  But this can’t stop the international team developing the overseas markets. By the online meeting, instant messenger, and so on, the sales team keep in close touch with the new and existing customers, which still made a high level of sales and delivery. 

Manufacturing base

All the employees at the manufacturing base in Dongtai city, Jiangsu have overcome the impact of the pandemic and completed the local and overseas order of 2020 successfully. The good sales Singcheer achieved benefits the global economic recovery and support from the customers, on the other hand, it is due to the unremitting efforts and hard work of the team. Facing the great pressure of the order, SINGCHEER will go on to provide high quality products and services for every customers. 

Looking forward to the future, “The road ahead is long, and striving is the only way forward”. We are expecting the early ends of pandemic and the global economic recovery. Singcheer will promote the application of the solutions of smart factor, AGV system, MES in the wire and cable industry, do our best for the industry’s informatization, intellectualization and wisdom, and make the maximum value for the customers. 

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