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EFAF 400 Automatic coiling winding line


EFAF 400 automatic coiling winding line is designed with the main objectives of maximum production and flexibility, it is a multi-purpose solution and almost suitable for all the wire and cable manufactures. 

The dimensions of wire and cable for EFAF 400 range from 2~16mm in diameter. The max production 3.2 coils/min @ 100m length. You can use EFAF400 to package building wires (1~6mm²), power cables up to 35mm²
, flat and round multi-core cables up to 5*2.5mm².

After coiling process, the machine can be integrated with strapping, labelling, shrink packing, boxing, palletizing machines. The automatic solution of EFAF400 will bring you high efficiency, low labor lost and less scrap.

The configuration of EFAF 400 as follows :

1600 pay off , Horizontal accumulator , Length counter , Sikora instruments , MAU 400 coiler , Straping machine (toroidal or diametric) , Labelling machine , Thermal shrink packing or boxing machine , Palletizer.

EFAF SRL was an Italian company, founded in 1989. As the leading edge in manufacturing automatic coil and reel winding lines for electric, building, energy and telecom cables,EFAF were the supplier of the main cable industries all over the world such as Prysmian, Nexans, NKT, Telefonika, and so on. In 1996, Singcheer acquired EFAF know-how, technology and brand, now all the new EFAF machines are made in China by Singcheer. 

With the EFAF technology, Singcheer is committed to provide innovative and reliable packaging lines to the International Wire & Cable Industry. We will strive to provide the total satisfaction of all our customers: design, manufacturing and customer service are realized on a personalized basis. The main characteristics of the innovative EFAF/SINGCHER packaging lines are high productivity, combined with flexibility that makes the product extremely versatile.

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