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Extrusion solutions for THWN/THHN wires


In recent years, more and more domestic wire & cable manufacturers get involved in THWN/THHN building wire products, which brings new business opportunities for domestic equipment and material manufacturers.  THWN stands for heat shrinkable heat resistant waterproof nylon sheathed wire. THHN stands for heat shrinkable heat resistant nylon sheathed wire. The product complies with the UL standard and is widely used in the United States market. The basic structure is AWG conductor, PVC insulation, and PA sheath.  

According to the market demand, SINGCHEER has developed the high-speed tandem extrusion production line dedicated to THWN/THHN long before, which is sold to the American markets.  The maximum production speed of this tandem extrusion line is 1000m/min. The conductor can be printed at high speed after finishing PVC insulation, and then enter the nylon crosshead to finish the extrusion of nylon sheath. The insulation + sheath can be completed at one time.  

Production line composition:  

● Product range: 22-10AWG  

● Maximum production speed: 1000m/min  

● Flyer pay-off or motorized pay-off 

● Multiple extruder configurations 65+35PA, 80+50PA, 90+65PA, 100+80PA  

● PVC and nylon crossheads  

● High speed printing and vacuuming device  

● Multi-pass cooling trough with capston  

● 630/800 dual semi-automatic take-up

● SiCAT control system + multi-function information screen  

PVC insulated extrusion adopts SINGCHEER standard solution, high-speed PVC extruder + fixed centering crosshead to ensure production speed, product concentricity can reach more than 95%.  

Nylon sheath extrusion is completed by special nylon extruder and fixed center crosshead. Through the tube extrusion process with large stretch ratio and precision vane vacuum pump to ensure the close integration of nylon sheath and PVC insulation.  

The cooling system enables the nylon sheath rapid completion of crystallize and cool and form a whole with insulation to ensure that the appearance quality and electrical performance indexes of the product to meet the requirements of product standards.  

The SiCAT control system, independently developed by SINGCHEER, provides precise and automatic control of PVC insulation outer diameter & nylon sheath outer diameter. Even during automatic acceleration and deceleration, the system can ensure that product size tolerance is within the set range. SiCAT control system can also achieve data acquisition function, all process parameters, equipment operation information can be transmitted to the customer's production management system through the "cloud".  

SINGCHEER can provide PVC/PA co-extrusion production line according to customer’s requirements. Due to the use of double-layer crosshead with temperature isolation design, melt of two different temperatures can be extruded through the co-extrusion head to complete PVC/PA double-layer extrusion.  According to the packaging requirements of different markets for American building wires, we can also provide MAB350 (shaft packaging) and EFAF400 (coil thermo shrink packaging) packaging machines based on Italian EFAF technology, to provide customers with a complete THWN/THHN building wire product solutions.  

SINGCHEER's extrusion and packaging solutions are characterized by high speed, high efficiency and high automation. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable extrusion and packaging solutions for the global wire and cable industry, which meet the equipment needs of different customers and based on individualization customer service and create greater value for customers.

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