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High speed extrusion sulotion for solar cable


Introduction to PV cable

Photovoltaic facilities with solar panels as the core directly convert solar energy into electricity, releasing the application value of light energy as a clean energy. As an important part of the photovoltaic system, if the system does not use the special cable for the photovoltaic system, it will affect the service life of the entire system.

A typical PV cable product is a single-core wire of 1.5~6mm², which is used to connect solar panels, and the market demand is huge. The insulation and sheathing of photovoltaic wires are mostly made of radiation cross-linked low-smoke halogen-free polyolefin insulation and sheathing materials (XLPO+HFFR). The production process is that copper conductors are delivered to customers after double-layer extrusion, electron beam irradiation (cross-linking), packaging, inspection and other processes.

The traditional production method of PV cables is that the insulation and sheath are extruded twice, which takes a long time and has low production efficiency. The PV cable production line developed by SINGCHEER adopts the method of tandem extrusion to complete the insulation and sheath extrusion at one time, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also has a reliable guarantee of product quality.

SINGCHEER PV cable production line composition

● 800 flyer pay-off machine

● EX90 extruder + S14 fixed centering crosshead (for inner layer)

● EX100 extruder + S14 fixed centering crosshead (for outer layer)

● Cooling system and wheel capstan

● 1250 dual semi-automatic take-up machine

● SiCAT control system provides data acquisition function and can be connected with MES system

● Maximum production speed: 300m/min

● Realize continuous production

Production line features

According to the characteristics of XLPO+HFFR materials, SINGCHEER has developed a special extruder for photovoltaic wires. There are spiral grooves in the feeding section of the screw barrel to increase the amount of glue, and the outer surface of the screw barrel has vertical and horizontal grooves to increase the cooling area. , with a high-power cooling fan to ensure the dissipation of shear heat during the extrusion process, and the extrusion temperature can be better controlled, thereby increasing the production speed. Two S14 fixed centering heads ensure that the product has a concentricity higher than 95%. The spooling and pay-off line and the configuration of the double disc semi-automatic ensure the continuous production of the production line, which further improves the production efficiency and reduces the waste. The self-developed SiCAT control system has an operator-friendly interface, and cooperates with the process formula system to make the operation simple and easy. The alarm and recording system records and tracks the production process in real time.

Through cooperation with electron beam irradiation equipment manufacturers, SINGCHEER can also provide a solution of tandem extrusion + online irradiation, which is a more efficient solution to complete the extrusion and irradiation processes at one time. In addition, according to the different requirements of customers, we can also provide various customized packaging solutions.

SINGCHEER's extrusion and packaging solutions are characterized by high speed, high efficiency and high automation, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable extrusion and packaging solutions for the global wire and cable industry, meeting the equipment needs of different customers and based on individualization customer service and create greater value for customers.

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