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The Dilemma and Breakthrough of Electronic Wire Industry


The Dilemma of Electronic Wire Industry

As an important component of electronic information products, electronic wire is known as the "blood vessels" and "nerves" of electronic and electrical products. China is not only one of the major consumers of 3C products globally, but also an important manufacturing base for 3C products. The output of 3C products in domestic accounts for over 70% of the global amount.

With the rapid development of the electronic product industry, the performance of electronic products is getting stronger and stronger, and the requirements for electronic wire is also becoming increasingly stringent. At present, the domestic electronic wire industry is facing problems such as high labor costs and low production efficiency, as well as uneven product quality and severe product homogenization, which have hindered the further development of the industry. In order to overcome these difficulties, the electronic wire industry must invest a large amount of resources to develop and introduce more advanced technologies to meet the market demand for high-performance electronic wire.

SINGCHEER Is Helping Enterprises Break Through.

SINGCHEER's product solutions are flexible and rich in configuration design, providing a complete set of automated and digital electronic wire production equipment from paying off, extrusion, taking up, packaging, labeling, stacking, wrapping, etc. It can also achieve non-stop, no deceleration, automatic spool-er changing. High-speed and efficient continuous production help electronic wire manufacturing enterprises improve quality and efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve labor environment, and enhance brand competitiveness.

High speed and efficiency: The high-speed extrusion production line launched by SINGCHEER has a maximum extrusion line speed of 1500m/min, greatly improving production efficiency.

Four packaging methods are available to meet the demand of various customers.

SPS cone spool-er taking up: The line speed is up to 1200m/min. It is without disorder while laying wire and cutting wire. The spool-er can be dismantled, stacked and reused, and can automatically change between large and small spool-er without stopping the machine.
Ф200-300 spool-er taking up: The line speed is up to 1000m/min.
High speed coil forming+automatic film wrapping: the line speed is up to 1000m/min.
High speed coil forming+automatic binding/heat shrink packaging: the line speed is up to 1000m/min.

Controllable quality 

With online comprehensive real-time process control, quality monitoring, and data collection, by CPK process capability analysis, it guides to optimize processes. Data collection visualizes product information. All those are providing data support and basis for improving product quality and establishing a standardized system.

Online full process quality monitoring and process control
CPK process capability analysis guides process optimization
Reduce cost and increase efficiency

By making use of technologies such as non-stop spool-er changing, non deceleration coil changing, automatic feeding,automatic tape binding and automatic heat shrinking, the space occupancy and labor request are greatly reduced, the scrap rate and labor intensity are reduced, and the comprehensive management cost is greatly controlled. With energy statistical analysis, it may accurately determine the energy consumption per kilometer of production and it is for better analysis and cost control.

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