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Significantly Improve Efficiency! How to achieve efficient production of power cables?


As an indispensable and important component of modern industry, wires and cables are widely used in various fields such as energy, construction, electricity, railways, rail transit, ships, and automobiles. With the rapid development of the new energy industry, the cable industry has also met more business opportunities.

As a professional cable equipment production enterprise, SINGCHEER has always been committed to providing high-speed, efficient, automated, digital, and user-friendly production equipment for customers. We have developed and manufactured various standardized production lines, which have strong competitiveness in multiple fields. We can also design and configure solution according to customer needs to meet customer requirements for cable technology and process to the maximum extent。

High-speed Production Extrusion  
Same size extrusion machine, SINGCHEER's extruder has a higher output, with a maximum PVC extrusion capacity of 900kg/h for Ф120 extruder. Through special design of crawler tractor and gantry pay-off and take-up, high-speed production is achieved; For mass production, the functions of wire pay-off, take-up and storage can also be improved to achieve non-stop spool-er replacement, meeting the requirements of continuous production, and greatly improving production efficiency. For 35mm ², the maximum extrusion production speed can reach 300m/min.

Stable Performance  
Using domestic and foreign leading components, machine performance is more stable, with less maintenance, worry free and economical.

Monitoring and Controlling  
SINGCHEER equipment comes with a SiCAT (control and data collection terminal), and data acquisition points are set up at all stages of the production line to continuously monitor equipment status and provide fault warnings. It can also be directly connected to the SiSCADA system developed by SINGCHEER, achieving equipment interconnection and real-time visibility of production status, providing production support.

In order to ensure the stable operation of the control cabinet under different external temperatures, each control cabinet is equipped with a real-time temperature monitoring and adjustment, and abnormal warning system to ensure the safety of the equipment

Case:EXJ120/65 high-speed extrusion production line
Applicable conductor for : 16-240mm²
Completed outer diameter: Max.φ30mm
Insulation material: PVC/XLPE/LSOH
Control system: SINGCHEER self-developed SiCAT 1.0 control system
Production line speed: Max.300m/min

In addition, various models such as φ100 and φ150 are available for selection.

Digital Intelligence Upgrade  
On the basis of PLM and ERP, SINGCHEER integrates production equipment, central supply, AGV, and three-dimensional warehouse using SiMOM as Central Control System to provide customers with complete intelligent factory solutions and achieve production automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligence in the cable industry. SINGCHEER aims to solve customer pain points, improve management capabilities and production efficiency, promote digital transformation of enterprises, create maximum value for customers, and is committed to becoming a leader in intelligent factory solutions in the cable industry.

Based on a deep understanding of the cable manufacturing process, SINGCHEER will sincerely cooperate with you to continuously improve the efficiency and automation of cable equipment, surpassing your expectations!


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