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【He came】Say goodbye to traditional rewind packaging and easily solve the labor problem of spool package cables


SXZ 800 fully automatic packaging

The machine is suitable for rewind of multiple types of cables that diameter is below 25mm, and  is suitable for spool diameters of 500-800mm, with a wide range.

The packaging speed is fast (Max 300/min), with fully automatic spool changing. The take up speed is also fast with high efficiency.

Automation of empty spool loading, wire cutting, film wrapping and finished spool offline, automation.

Automatic removing spool with defective wire, device interconnection and abnormal condition alarm, real-time data collection and monitoring, worry free production.


SXZ800 fully automatic wire winding and film wrapping machine can achieve the full automatic packaging process of multiple types of wire spool, including empty spool storage/transmission/loading, automatic threading/cutting/film wrapping, and finished spool offline. It is suitable for control cables, photovoltaic cables, small size power cables, wires, new energy cables, data cables, and other cable products. It can also meet the seamless docking with AGV, RGV, roller line and other equipment, completely realizing intelligent logistics.


SXZ800 fully automatic wire winding and film packaging machine can be equipped with a gantry wire pay off machine or a cantilever wire pay off machine with spool sizes ranging from 800-1600mm. There is a guide wheel group in front of the pay-off machine, which can guide the cable movement and ensure safety. The dance wheel group for wire storage ensures good tension, and at the same time, a single or a pair of gantry and cantilever take-up machines support a size range of 500-800mm take-up wooden spool.

Main technical parameters

Applicable wire diameter: Ф 5-25mm round cable.

Applicable wire spool: Ф 500-800mm.

Maximum external dimensions of the equipment: 12.1m * 3.14 m* 4.1m.

Size of winding film: machine winding PVC film with size of 76mm (inner hole) * 300mm (outer diameter) * 200mm (width).

Empty spool storage capacity: 8.

Full spool storage capacity: 3.

Farewell to tradition! Unattended packaging of finished cables has become a reality.

No need for manual duty, no need for manual wire cutting and film wrapping, no need for laborious spool replacement.

Based on a deep understanding of the cable manufacturing process, SINGCHEER will sincerely cooperate with you to continuously improve the efficiency and automation of cable equipment, surpassing your expectations!


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