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Breaking tradition! Silicone rubber cable extrusion line speed can also exceed 100m/min


Silicone rubber cables are widely used in many products such as lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instruments, and motor leads due to their advantages of high voltage resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life. In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and rail transit, the demand for high-quality silicone rubber cables is also increasing.

High quality silicone rubber cables have strict requirements for the vulcanization process, so precise control of the vulcanization process is very important. Currently, infrared heating vulcanization technology with advantages such as high efficiency, flexibility, low scrap rate, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and easy operation is widely used in the industry.

The high-performance silicone rubber extrusion line developed by SINGCHEER meets the production process and technical requirements of domestic and foreign customers for top quality silicone rubber cables, making important contributions to the development of new energy vehicles.

Typical production line configuration:

Product range 8-120mm ² Silicone rubber wire

120m/min Maximum production speed 120m/min

Power pay-off+wire storage device

90 silicone rubber extruder

Automatic coil feeder

T25 mold adjustment cross-head

1 meter infrared vulcanization box

2 meter vulcanization box

Cooling system

Measuring instruments

Control system

Pay-off + Take-up

The 90 extruder is equipped with an Italian ROSSI gearbox and servo motor, ensuring stable performance and low noise. Equipped with silicone rubber dedicated screws and a segmented flow controlled and temperature controlled circulating water tank, it can provide higher rubber output and stable rubber output linearity for the production line, ensuring stable quality from starting to high-speed production, and less fluctuation in product outer diameter tolerance.

The vulcanization box consists of two parts: the first part is equipped with 2or 3 sets of one meter infrared vulcanization boxes with a heating temperature of up to 800 , which can quickly shape and solidify the product surface through impact heating, ensuring that it will not deform or stick when passing through the guide wheel; The second part is equipped with 9 vulcanization boxes with a heating temperature of 600 to complete the vulcanization process of the product. For small-sized cables, production efficiency can also be improved through multiple rotary heating. For conductor of 10mm ², the production speed is as high as 120m/min. 

All vulcanization boxes are opened and closed by pneumatic devices. The extrusion acceleration and deceleration linkage controls the number of opening and closing sections of the vulcanization furnace to ensure consistency in product vulcanization. When the machine is shut down or in an emergency stop, the vulcanization box automatically rises to reduce scrap rates.


Compared to traditional one, the latest generation of SINGCHEER's silicone rubber extrusion line has improved production efficiency several times, stabilized product quality. And infrared vulcanization technology is more efficient, flexible, with lower scrap rate and easier to operate. The heat conduction is 15% faster than that of a hot air system with the same floor area, and energy saving is nearly 30%.

The entire production line is independently developed by SINGCHEER, and the equipment comes with SiCAT (control and data collection terminal). It can not only control various process parameters online, but also set up data collection points at each link of the production line for  equipment real-time status monitoring and fault warning. It can also be directly connected to SINGCHEER's self-developed SiSCADA system, achieving equipment interconnection and real-time visibility of production status, providing support for production.


Based on a deep understanding of the cable manufacturing process, SINGCHEER will sincerely cooperate with you to continuously improve the efficiency and automation of cable equipment, surpassing your expectations!


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