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【Extrusion Process】Suitable for different cross link XLPO extrusion solution


Why XLPO cable is popular in the market? Singcheer shows the normal XLPO cross link method and solution, hope to achieve a sustainable extrusion future together with every manufacturer.



Thermoplastic resins formed by cross-linking of ethylene, propylene, 1-butylene, 1-pentene, 1-pentene, 1-self-ene, 4-methyl-1-rene and other α -olefin as well as some cyclo-olefin monomers. With high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability and other excellent properties, Therefore, it is widely used in electric power equipment, cable wiring, automotive water pipes and other products


In order to reduce the incidence of fire and the death rate caused by toxic smoke in the case of fire,In the field of wire and cable, low smoke, halogen free, flame retardant, fire resistance, environmental protection and safety are taken as the common research and development direction.


The crosslinked polyolefins do not contain halogens, so it is a good insulation and sheathing compound for LSZH wire & cable. By adding a flame-retardant material,

form a high-performance crosslinked flame-retardant polyolefin materialXLPO+HFFR.In the fire control room, fire pump / elevator, smoke prevention and exhaust facilities and other emergency scenarios play a huge role.


With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for safety and quality. The application of XLPO wire & cable in various products will continue to increase, the market prospect is good.


Common ways of crosslink

Irradiation crosslinking: The most commonly used cross-linking production method, with stable performance.

UV light crosslink: the popularity of the relatively high crosslinking mode in recent years, less equipment investment, easy to use.However, this way to the technical requirements of the operators, the performance of the equipment and the material requirements are relatively high, for the special of the UV ligh, the depth requirement of the cable is also relatively high, which leads to the problem of high unqualified rate of products.

Silane crosslink: Also named as warm water crosslink / self-crosslink, process investment cost is low, can be processed by a normal extruder, material and the price is moderate, the market popularity increases year by year.



Typical solution configuration


Common cross-linked polyolefin extrusion production line, combine with motorized pay-off, accumulator, extruder, cooling trough, capstan, take-up, accumulator and measuring instruments, etc. The 90/65 extrusion line from Singcheer, suitable for 10-95mm2 cross-linked polyolefin/cross-link flame-retardant polyolefin insulated cables. Two cross-linking modes of irradiation and silane can be configured according to the production requirements, max. production speed 800m/min, raise the production speed by dual motorized pay-off + vertical accumulator, high performance extruder, auto dual take-up and accumulaor make continuous production possible.


90/65 co-extruders, use ROSSI gear box from Italy, stable performance and low noise , longer life time. With trough design barrel and special screw for no halogen flame retardant material, accurate temperature control. Ensure the stable temperature of extrusion process, full plasticizing, improve the amount of extruder. The cast steel water sleeve of the barrel at feeding zone through the water circulation, effectively ensuring the stable feeding at a lower temperature.


Dual wheel assistant capstan and back wheel type capstan, compact structure and easy to operate. More suitable to reduce conductor deformation during high-speed extrusion of multiple strand conductor structure, provide stable tension control.Even at speed increase and decrease, the tension still keep stable. Ensure the high quality cable production. For the dual wheel vertical accumulator, not only convenient to operate, but also provides a higher storage amount, provide more time for operators to replace the bobbin, reduces the labor intensity of operators, improves the production efficiency and reduces the rejection rate.


Equipment with SiCat (control and data collection terminal) ,it can not only control various process parameters online, but also set up data collection points in each link of the production line. Real-time equipment condition monitoring and fault alarm. It can connect to Singcheer self research SiSCADA system, realize the interconnection of equipment, real-time visible production status, escort for the production.

Based on a deep understanding of the cable manufacturing process, SINGCHEER will cooperate with you sincerely, continuously improve the efficiency and automation of cable equipment to exceed your expectations!

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