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The optimal solution of fluor extrusion line


In many high and low temperature, high pressure, and humid environments, we can often see the figure of Fluor cables. So what is fluor? What are the requirements for the processing technology of Fluor? SINGCHEER is committed to providing the best solution for the wire & cable industry, according to different fluor cable products, design and development of a variety of standardized extrusion lines, and strive to help new manufacturers and existing manufacturers to develop products together to achieve a sustainable extrusion in the future.

Fluor has good corrosion resistance and flame resistance, not easy to age, not easy to adhesion , oil resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance and strong oxidant; Excellent electrical insulation performance, high voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, no moisture absorption, large insulation resistance. Cables made of fluor insulation material (FEP/PFA/PTFE), also known as high temperature cables, PTFE and PFA continuous use temperature of up to 260 ° C,  It can be used for a short time at 300 ° C as well, is widely used in electronics, automotive, construction, oil, power and aerospace and other industries. Mainly used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature resistance wire, high temperature heating wire, aging resistance wire and flame retardant wire products. Daily use of air conditioners, microwave ovens, electronic disinfection cabinets, rice cookers, electronic hot water bottles, electric heaters, electric ovens, lamps lighting and other internal wiring can also see its figure.

3 common cable of Fluor cables :
Single core cable , Coaxial cable, Multi-core cable
Single core cable
Also known as high temperature wire, its structure is that the inner conductor is a single or multiple strands of copper wire (tinned copper wire), the outer diameter of the conductor is 0.4-2.0mm, the insulation material is fluor , the insulation thickness is 0.3-0.5mm, commonly used as aviation wire, electronic and electrical equipment wiring and special occasions lighting wire.

Coaxial cable
The inner conductor is a single or multiple stranded tinned copper/silver-plated copper wire with a diameter of 1.25-1.6mm and three types of insulation: 1.Fluor insulation, the thickness: 0.5-0.7mm; 2. Fluor foam insulation, the thickness is 2.5-3.0mm; 3. Fluor and polyethylene combined insulation, that is, the inner layer is insulated with fluor the outer layer is insulated with polyethylene, and the thickness of fluor is 0.04-0.07mm, This kind of cables are commonly used as RF cables and electronic equipment connection wires.

Multi-core cable
The single-core cable or coaxial cable be twisted together to become a multi-core cable, there are two kinds of pair twisted and non-twisted process, respectively for industrial computer control and automation instrument control and other occasions. The fluor cable is also used for data transmission, audio and video transmission and other special occasions such as category 5 and super Category 5.

Due to the high characteristics of fluor, the process difficulty of extrusion production is greatly improved: High plasticizing temperature and great melting viscosity, and can not be produced by traditional pressure extrusion, but choose the way of casing mold extrusion, which has higher quality requirements for tooling, screws, crossheads and other components.

In addition, the precise control of the extrusion temperature of the FBE is also crucial. Excessive temperature will lead to part decomposition of the fluor , resulting in bubbles on the insulation or sheath surface affecting the quality, and too low temperature will lead to cracking of the insulation due to internal stress.

Fluor is a crystalline organic polymer material, so it can not use the mode of stereotyped cooling quenching, Instead the use of segmented cooling, that is, the water temperature of the sink is set from high to low, to avoid internal stress of the product caused by rapid cooling, affecting the quality of the products.

Solution: Typical configuration of standard extrusion lines
SINGCHEER launched EX50/30 extrusion line, the line speed is Max. 300m/min, mainly including high speed motorized pay-off with dancer , high frequency preheater, extruder, mixing system, hopper loader, cooling system, laser diameter instrument,Lump and neckdown gauge, spark tester, Eccentricity gauge, printing machine, take-up machine and other equipments. The fully automatic feeding system ensures the exact ratio of cable material, and by equip a second set of pay-off machine for switching, the fully automatic dual take-up machine enables continuous production of "empty spool in, full spool out" without the need for speed ups and downs during online spool changeover, significantly improving efficiency. Representing the most advanced technology of laser double axes outer diameter measuring instrument, Lump and neckdown gauge, power frequency spark tester and other complete sets of online testing equipment will not let go of any defects in the production process, integrated online testing system will give full play to the self-control technology, only need a menu to make standardized products.

With the SiCAT system (control and data acquisition terminal) of the equipment, it can not only control various process parameters online, but also set up data collection points in each link of the production line, real-time equipment status monitoring and fault warning, and can be directly connected to SINGCHEER self-developed SiSCADA system to realize the interconnection of equipment. The production status can be seen in real time, to make sure good production.

▸Other extrusion solutions
  EX30+50 Tandem extrusion line
  EX30 Extrusion line

Based on our deep understanding of the wire &cable manufacturing process, SINGCHEER will work with you to continuously improve the efficiency and automation of your cable equipment and exceed your expectations!

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